EXA Engineering Services

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The Engineering Services Team assists Organizations build and Augment Fiber Optic Networks. We provide customers with a skilled team to work side by side from project kick off to network handoff and beyond. With many years of combined telecommunications industry and data transport networking experience, Our engineering services team has implemented over 1,100 network solutions for enterprise customers, carriers, and partners.

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Technology is defined by the utilization of scientific expertise for practical or useful purposes. Fiber Optic Networks and high-capacity bandwidth are the crucial to drive big data, expand applications and connect people and information around the world.

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EXA Infrastructure operates one of Europe’s largest infrastructure footprints. With over 112,000 km of fibre network, including the most modern optical fibre, we can support our customer’s ever-increasing demands for growth.

EXA Corporate Brochure
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Today’s hyperconnected reality is driving network requirements to new levels.