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We are builders of the new information age. We are the changemakers establishing routes, ideas, and new ways to get there. Without a clear pathway, success is hard to reach and without a robust network, results are elusive. Our business exists to make growth effortless and scale sustainable. Our focus is to fuel opportunity for our clients, providing them with access to new markets, new audiences, and new possibilities.

Hyper connectivity across land, sea and cloud

Why is EXA Infrastructure the trusted partner for hyperscale internet backbones? Our extensive terrestrial and subsea fibre network provide connectivity that underpins these massive digital platforms.

These networks demand extreme bandwidth, non-stop availability and continuous infrastructure investment - and that’s the challenge we excel at.

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in milliseconds

EXA Infrastructure offers the absolute lowest latency between North America and Europe, that’s New York to London in under 59 ms. This enables industries, like Gaming and Finance to benefit from dedicated and secure connectivity services, capable of responding to market events instantaneously. To compete in this real-time environment companies and institutions choose EXA Infrastructure for reliability, security and ultra-low latency, private links.


New York to London

Here to help you succeed

EXA Infrastructure supports the world’s most innovative organisations in the challenge to provide scalable connectivity. Whatever service your business provides, we are best placed to help you prosper.

Our clients rely on EXA Infrastructure’s fibre optic network to meet specific capacity, diversity, and business requirements, but above all to help scale networks as their businesses thrive and grow.

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