We build and operate the mission critical digital network infrastructure that enables our customers growth.

Seamless connectivity across land, sea and cloud

EXA Infrastructure is the go-to choice for hyperscale internet backbones due to our owned modern network infrastructure. Our extensive terrestrial and subsea fibre network provides connectivity that underpins hyperscale digital platforms.

We are highly focused on enabling the growing demands of these customers, ensuring unlimited bandwidth, dedicated solutions, and continuous infrastructure investment. That's the challenge we thrive on.

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in milliseconds

EXA Infrastructure offers the absolute lowest latency between North America and Europe, that’s New York to London in under 59 ms. This enables industries, like Gaming and Finance to benefit from dedicated and secure connectivity services, capable of responding to market events instantaneously. To compete in this real-time environment companies and institutions choose EXA Infrastructure for reliability, security and ultra-low latency, private links.


New York to London

Here to help you succeed

EXA supports the world’s most innovative organisations in the challenge to provide scalable connectivity. Whatever service your business provides, we are best placed to help you grow.

Our clients rely on EXA’s fibre optic network for high-capacity, diversity, and engineering expertise, but above all to help scale networks as their business expands.

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