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Whitepaper: Connecting Continents - The Current Trends in Transatlantic Connectivity

Transatlantic submarine cables connecting North America to Europe are thus essential to the global ecosystem and will remain vital in the future. This whitepaper explores the current Transatlantic connectivity landscape and examines how emerging trends may shape future connectivity.

The EXA Infrastructure-Ellalink partnership value proposition
Fact Sheet

EXA Infrastructure has partnered up with Ellalink to deliver a totally unique, diverse and high-capacity connection between Europe, South America and beyond.

EXA Infrastructure Content, Cloud & Tech datasheet
Fact Sheet

EXA Infrastructure’s reliable, high-capacity network infrastructure underpins the growth, efficiency, and effectiveness of a wide spectrum of applications, delivering the best experiences to end-users.

EXA Infrastructure Financial Markets datasheet
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EXA Infrastructure’s robust and high-performing infrastructure ensures turbocharged efficiency, seamless connectivity and low-latency connections

Why EXA Infrastructure Dark Fibre?
Fact Sheet

EXA Infrastructure operates one of Europe’s largest infrastructure footprints. With over 151,000 km of fibre network, including the most modern optical fibre, we can support our customer’s ever-increasing demands for growth.

Why EXA Infrastructure Wavelength?
Fact Sheet

Technology is defined by the utilization of scientific expertise for practical or useful purposes. Fiber Optic Networks and high-capacity bandwidth are the crucial to drive big data, expand applications and connect people and information around the world.

Subsea expertise Datasheet
Fact Sheet

Extensive portfolio of services to subsea cable operators

EXA G652.D network map
Fact Sheet

G652D is a specific variant of the G.652 standard for optical fiber cables. It is an enhanced version of standard single-mode fiber (G.652) that offers improved performance characteristics.