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Our network is the most expansive dedicated infrastructure network spanning Europe and the Atlantic, including 125,000 km of fibre network.

Connecting continents at scale

Our state-of-the-art network is built with leading optical technology. It spans 125,000 kilometres and operates with more than 500 optical PoPs. Our routes extend throughout Europe and North America, crossing the Atlantic via three wholly owned and operated subsea cables. This includes EXA Express, a 4,600 km high-performance subsea fibre route, quite simply, the fastest transatlantic route available today. 

We are constantly investing in our network to reach new cities with greater diversity. Operating one of the largest, most advanced fibre networks, means we can help your business scale into new markets. With our proven experience of providing world class subsea and terrestrial infrastructure, building diversity and connecting emerging markets is at the core of what we do. 

Points of Presence
Cities connected
Route kilometres fibre network
Transatlantic cables
Tier 3 equivalent datacentres
<59 ms
New York to London
Edge and network colocation sites

Our Network

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