About Us

EXA Infrastructure is the mission critical digital infrastructure platform dedicated to fostering the current and future growth of our customers.

At the core of our culture is a commitment to prioritizing people and growth. We aspire to combine simplicity and efficiency in delivering a resilient and intelligent high-capacity network to our customers, driven by a dedicated team that is passionate about our mission.

The values at our core...

Think Bolder

We are pioneers in our industry, powering the digital economy and beyond. We use bold thinking to shape ideas, plans and investments that create value for our customers.

Grow Faster

Growing EXA Infrastructure starts with our growth as individuals. We invest in our development and help our colleagues to succeed. We are at our best when we learn and win together.

Connect Further

We are a company of connectors, powered by our strong relationships. The time we invest in our connections drives the solutions we create for our customers.

Our Ambition

We aim to be the top infrastructure operator in the high-growth, high-bandwidth network market worldwide.

Our approach is grounded in a clear focus and a proven ability to build and operate resilient, cutting-edge infrastructure. We combine the scale of a major industry player with the agility of a nimble competitor, delivering efficient and intelligent network services.

Our teams, trusted and recognized for their technological skills and engineering expertise, play a crucial role in delivering top class infrastructure and customer experience. As a team, we are driven to facilitate growth for our clients.

Award-Winning Infrastructure

Behind every award-winning infrastructure is a dedication to innovation  and the relentless pursuit of excellence – a symphony of engineering that shapes the future.


Our Expertise

With over 20 years’ experience  building resilient modern infrastructure, we’ve learned that the most demanding organisations deserve the very best. We are known for designing and delivering complex builds for the most challenging business environments:

  • Mission-critical networks for governments and enterprises
  • Hyperscale infrastructure for the world’s most innovative and influential businesses
  • Ultra-low latency networks for Financial, Gaming and Broadcast services
  • Expansive connectivity to underpin carrier, mobile and internet backbones
  • We are the trusted infrastructure provider to 8 out of 10 of the Forbes top digital companies globally.

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