Infrastructure Scale & Resilience

A Tailored Network. For Your Unique Needs

For organisations looking to maximise their scale and control, EXA Infrastructure operates one of Europe’s largest infrastructure footprints. With the most modern optical fibre, we can support your ever-increasing ambitions for growth.

Why EXA Infrastructure ?


Unique Footprint 

EXA Infrastructure’s vast network of metropolitan fibre footprints, connected by multiple intercity routes and pan-continental sub-sea fibre cables, enables our customers to implement resilient and seamless solutions. Our ownership of multiple duct and cable routes between many cities, enables us to provide unique designs, whatever the customer requirement may be.

Optimum Fibre Technology

Our network is built specifically for long-haul applications, rather than FTTH or access networks, meaning it exhibits excellent optical characteristics with a low occurrence of planned works and outages. With low splice losses, low reflectance and optimal ILA spacing, it effortlessly supports more than 25Tbit/s per fibre pair with the latest Raman technology. For our heaviest users, EXA Infrastructure is now installing the latest Corning Low Loss and Ultra Low Loss fibre on new routes and cable overpulls through existing ducts.

Network Colocation

Colocation space is integrated into the network footprint, within our fully monitored amplifier sites situated along all fibre routes. These amplifier cabin sites are highly scalable, allowing customers to expand their colocation footprint as their fibre pair requirements grow.

24/7 Fibre Management

EXA Infrastructure utilises advanced monitoring technology to detect fibre degradation before faults occur, and to locate defects within a five-metre zone. Backed by our 24/7 NOC and local field team, we ensure faster repair times and increased availability for our customers.

Data Centre Interconnect

When customers require dedicated networks connecting their sites, EXA Infrastructure can design and build discrete duct and cable infrastructure for their exclusive use. Every solution is bespoke and we deliver very high fibre count, highly secure and highly available networks for our Datacentre and Enterprise clients.

Unlimited Connectivity

Our network infrastructure connects all major data centres and cable landing stations, enabling seamless integration with our customer’s platforms. The EXA Infrastructure network is constantly expanding into emerging markets and new data centres. If our current footprint doesn’t connect a location, we will build a new network, and grow in partnership with our customers.

A Partnership For Growth

Working with EXA Infrastructure is straightforward. We recognise that purchasing infrastructure is a strategic investment and we strive to make the experience as effortless as possible. Existing customers can benefit from full flexibility of short term leases and temporary fibre pairs to enable equipment upgrades, route migrations and topology changes. Whether buying a lease or an IRU, we pride ourselves in offering commercial, contractual, and operational flexibility.

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EXA Infrastructure supports customers in these sectors

  • Hyperscale compute
  • Social Media backbones
  • International service providers
  • Subsea backhaul
  • FTTH and FTTT operators

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