Service Providers

EXA Infrastructure's scalable infrastructure empowers diverse telecom providers with network expansion and growth.

How EXA Infrastructure helps? We support the network expansion and growth of hundreds of global and local Service Providers, from the largest global Carriers on the planet, to local Network Operators and alternative asset-light Service Providers.


Reliable access network backhaul

We offer fully owned, extensive, diversified and state of the art fibre network to all Telecom Operators looking for flexible, secure and scalable transport and infrastructure services. Partnering with an award winning Wholesale Telecom Operator as EXA Infrastructure means you can focus on your access networks and on delivering quality services to your end customers.

Rapid network expansion

We are constantly investing in expanding and upgrading our digital infrastructure platform to facilitates customers’ geographical expansion (across Europe, Eastern North America and transatlantic) and to support the ever growing bandwidth demands of global and regional service providers, mobile network operators (MNOs) and Content Delivery Networks (CDNs).

We also provide the underlying infrastructure to support software-defined Datacentre to Datacentre Interconnectivity Providers.

Internationalised service delivery

The broad international reach of our network enables national Backbone Operators to serve the international requirements of their end-customers. EXA Infrastructure can also assist with local field engineering teams everywhere we operate.

Cost-effective equipment deployment

Our 500+ PoP sites offer colocation facilities for customers to deploy critical networking equipment (e.g. DWDMs) cost-effectively with minimal cross-connect costs.


Why EXA Infrastructure?

Find out more about our unique network, laser focused product offering and expertise, high-quality service and significant network build capabilities.


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Are you a Satellite Provider?

EXA Infrastructure also bolsters the growth and expansion of numerous satellite companies. Our network facilitates critical operations such as weather pattern monitoring, GPS navigation systems, detailed surveillance, and remote area broadband services. EXA Infrastructure aids Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite customers with the deployment, construction, and backhauling of new ground stations to core fibre backbones. Our network, featuring hundreds of PoPs sites alongside CLSs across Europe, is optimally positioned for the establishment of new ground stations, ensuring reliable power supply and connectivity.

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