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EXA Infrastructure supports you with robust network infrastructure, ensuring efficient service delivery and excellent user experiences.

How EXA Infrastructure helps? We empower an array of Cloud Service Providers, from Hyperscalers and GPU clouds to smaller private/public Cloud Providers, Platform Providers, and Data Centres companies. Our robust and high-capacity fibre optic network infrastructure is pivotal in helping these organizations deliver their broad spectrum of cloud-based services with efficiency and effectiveness, assuring the best experience to their end users. EXA Infrastructure is constantly expanding and diversifying routes to keep our network reliable, available where needed and fastly deployed.


Bespoke network expansion & upgrades

We support the ambitious global cloud development plans of Hyperscalers and global Cloud Service Providers. We engineer and deploy bespoke and diverse high fibre-count routes, utilizing cutting-edge G.652 fibre, to connect new facilities and facilitate the vast amounts of data traffic between data centres across Europe, Eastern North America, and transatlantic - sustaining the high-quality delivery of cloud services.

Enabling high quality service delivery, backup and recovery

Our pan-European network offers a reliable and cutting-edge fibre infrastructure backbone that enables the growth of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) platforms, but also ensures continuity of services. Leveraging redundant paths, we guarantee seamless operation in case of localised disruptions. Additionally, we facilitate secure and efficient backup and recovery of customer data between cloud points-of-presence (POPs).

High-performance connection to the Edge

With the rise of Distributed and Edge Computing needs, EXA Infrastructure’s network forms the crucial backhaul solution between edge cloud and core sites for reduced latency and improved performance. Our network is engineered and built to offer efficient distribution of workloads and data from core locations to edge locations, thus enabling faster processing and enhanced user experiences.

EU Sovereign Cloud

Location matters. Being the only true Pan-European fibre infrastructure operator, we are an ideal partner to construct "trusted clouds" that meet local regulatory requirements, while maintaining service levels expected by Hyperscalers.

Rapidly scaling cloud infrastructure

Our expansive network, supplemented by hundreds of PoP sites, offer high-grade colocation facilities for customers, enabling customers to deliver cloud services from both new core and edge cloud sites, extending their reach and improving service delivery.

Why EXA Infrastructure?

Find out more about our unique network, laser focused product offering and expertise, high-quality service and significant network build capabilities.


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Are you a Software Service Provider (SaaS)?

EXA Infrastructure underpins the growth and expansion of various SaaS companies, ranging from sophisticated enterprise software systems (e.g. CRMs, ERPs, Collaboration Suites) to niche industry applications, big data analytics and artificial intelligence tools. Our robust, reliable, and high-capacity network forms the backbone that powers the dynamic SaaS ecosystem. Cyber Security companies, network assurance, programmatic advertising DSPs/SSPs, autonomous driving software, GDPR / privacy software, chatbots, and other generative AI tools continue to strengthen machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies to improve their offerings. Our DC to DC network infrastructure plays a crucial role in backhauling critical training data to DCs where machine learning models are trained, and then distributing these models to the edge where users can leverage them in near ‘real-time’.


Are you a Video Gaming company?

EXA Infrastructure delivers the robust ultra-high bandwidth and low-latency fibre infrastructure which has become a pivotal requirement of the dynamic video game industry. Our ultra-low latency fibre connectivity supports video game platforms in delivering an immersive gaming experience for users supported by smooth gameplay, real-time interaction, and seamless rendering. Our strategic transatlantic asset ‘EXA Infrastructure Express’ offers the lowest-latency transatlantic fibre connectivity available on the market. We also support video game publishers, video game platforms and cloud-gaming platforms in distributing (directly, or via CDNs) vast game libraries, updates and cloud-based games from core locations to edge/cache locations (near to end-customer ‘gamers’) for efficient distribution and high quality ‘console-quality’ cloud-gaming experiences.


Are you a Data Centre company?

EXA Infrastructure provides essential services for DC operators striving to optimize their operations, expand their reach, and deliver top-tier services to their customers. Our robust and reliable network infrastructure serves as the backbone for data centres, supporting high-speed data transfers necessary in today's digital economy. Our expansive Pan-European and North American fibre network interconnects carrier-neutral data centres, ensuring resilient connectivity that end-customers can trust. We support the ambitious development plans of numerous DC operators. We engineer and deploy bespoke and diverse high fibre-count routes, utilizing cutting-edge G.652 fibre, to connect new facilities and facilitate the vast amounts of data traffic between data centres across Europe, Eastern North America, and transatlantic - sustaining the high-quality delivery of data centre services. Our ultra-high bandwidth network enables DCs to offer advanced services such as software-defined networking (SDN), cloud direct-connect, and data centre interconnect (DCI).


Are you a Broadcaster or a Streaming Platform?

Thanks to the extensive reach, capacity and low latency capabilities of its fibre network, EXA Infrastructure supports the evolving landscape of the media industry, encompassing traditional Broadcasters, innovative Streaming Platforms, and advanced Production/Post-Production Studios. We provide ultra-high bandwidth and low-latency fibre connectivity for the real-time transmission of high-definition content across Europe and transatlantic. The network intrinsic redundancy and resilience ensure that Media companies can continue delivering high-quality services to their customers, even in the event of localised outages or disruptions.

We also support Over The Top (OTT) streaming platforms. With our broad DC-DC fibre infrastructure, we empower these platforms (directly, or via CDNs) to efficiently distribute vast libraries of content from centralised DCs to edge DCs and cache locations globally. Our ultra-high capacity network handles the increasing demand for 4K, 8K, and VR streaming, maintaining a seamless viewing experience for users, so that our customers can focus on their core business.


Are you using AI in your business? Every major tech company is dedicating resources to breakthroughs in artificial intelligence. AI systems process massive amounts of data looking for patterns to models and this requires extremely low latency and very high bandwidth, as well as the possibly of connecting a growing number of highly distributed computing platforms.

EXA Infrastructure continuous network investments and industry leading engineering excellence guarantee our customers that we know how to minimize latency and maximize connectivity for their needs. Our scalable network infrastructure platform deployed the latest optical technologies and is built to assure resilience and security.


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