Trans Adriatic Express

The new low-latency route between Turkey and France

What is TAE?

TAE is a joint venture (JV) between EXA Infrastructure and the Trans Adriatic Pipeline AG (TAP), designed to provide the most direct and reliable fibre optic infrastructure between Italy, Greece and Turkey.

The system will be operational from end of May 2023.

As a dedicated operator of hyper scale digital infrastructure, EXA continuously invests to
expand the depth and breadth of its network footprint. Read our Whitepaper to find out more.

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Our client value proposition

State-of-the-art network

TAE provides a very high quality route between southern Italy and Turkey using latest quality G.652D fibre. Competing fibre in traversing countries is generally old and of poor quality.

Embedded reliability

By being installed on a gas pipeline, the route is well protected and expected to provide very high reliablity compared to competing networks.

Low-latency route

The gas pipeline is built in a very direct route (for economic reasons) and therefore offers an attractive low-latency route between Italy and Turkey.

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Key statistics

km total route from Bari to Kipoi
km Adriatic subsea crossing
db/km attenuation @1550nm
optical fibre pairs
ILA Shelters Bari-Kipoi

TAE Network


drone view of Castoro 10, the pipe-laying ship, 140m off the Adriatic coast

Castoro Sei, cathedral area joint of two coupled pipes across the inner ramp

Castoro Sei, laying the pipe during the microtunnel insertion phase

Controlled horizontal drilling under the Semani River, Fier region, Albania, Deecember 2016

Construction work in Berat, Albania, December 2016

Welding in the Korca region, Albania, July 2017

The first offshore pipes successfully pulled ashore, Albania, March 2019

Aerial view of the 'cofferdam', the structure built for the construction of the Albanian landfall of the pipeline, Albania, March 2019

Building the TAE ILA sites 

Building the TAE ILA sites

Building the TAE ILA sites

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