EXA Infrastructure Dark Fibre Datasheet

Fact Sheet

Your Network. Tailored to Your Unique Needs.

EXA Infrastructure operates one of Europe’s largest infrastructure footprints. With over 151,000 km of fibre network, including the most modern optical fibre, we can support our customer’s ever-increasing demands for growth. Working with EXA Infrastructure is straightforward. We recognise that purchasing infrastructure is a strategic investment and we strive to make the experience as effortless as possible. We pride ourselves on offering commercial, contractual, and operational flexibility to our customers

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Why EXA Infrastructure Colocation?
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EXA Infrastructure can provide remote hands and eyes and cabling services at all our colocation facilities, as well as modular and flexible data centre solutions on demand as a tailormade solution to combine with low latency high bandwidth connectivity.

Why EXA Infrastructure Ethernet Direct?
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EXA Infrastructure Ethernet is an uncontended service with fixed routing, making it ideal for high availability, low latency, and deterministic applications such as broadcast services and financial trading.

Why EXA Infrastructure Wavelength?
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Technology is defined by the utilization of scientific expertise for practical or useful purposes. Fiber Optic Networks and high-capacity bandwidth are the crucial to drive big data, expand applications and connect people and information around the world.