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Dark fibre, also known as dark fiber or unlit fibre, refers to unused or unlit optical fiber cables laid underground or underwater for telecommunications purposes. Unlike traditional fiber optic cables that are actively used to transmit data, dark fiber is installed but remains unactivated or unutilized by any telecommunications provider or organization.

Dark fiber provides a physical infrastructure for data transmission in the form of optical fibers, which are thin strands of glass or plastic capable of transmitting data through light signals. These fibers are capable of carrying vast amounts of data over long distances at high speeds. Telecommunications companies often lay more fiber optic cables than they currently need to accommodate future growth or to meet regulatory requirements.

The term "dark" in dark fiber refers to the fact that these fibers are not actively lit or operational. They are typically owned or leased by network providers, telecommunications companies, or internet service providers (ISPs) and are left unused until they are leased or lit up by another organization.

By leasing or purchasing dark fiber, companies gain control over the underlying infrastructure and can deploy their own network equipment, allowing for greater scalability, security, and control over data transmission. This can be especially beneficial for organizations with high bandwidth demands, such as data centers, research institutions, or large corporations.

Dark fiber networks offer advantages in terms of bandwidth capacity, low latency, and flexibility. They allow organizations to have dedicated and private connections without relying on shared or public networks. However, utilizing dark fiber requires significant investments in network equipment and maintenance, making it more common among large-scale users or service providers.

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