EXA's reliable, high-capacity DC-DC network fosters an advanced learning environment by facilitating seamless connectivity, enhancing collaboration and enabling data-driven decisions.

How EXA helps?

EXA supports the digital transformation and growth strategies of various enterprises from Insurance companies to Manufacturers. Our robust, reliable, and high-capacity network forms the backbone that enables these enterprises to digitally transform their businesses leveraging the power of artificial intelligence and big data to competitively differentiate, and making cost savings via outsourcing IT workloads to private clouds.

Reliable backbone for private cloud connectivity: EXA’s fibre forms a high-bandwidth, low-latency backbone with multiple diversity options, between Enterprise PoP sites (including private data centres, colocation facilities and head office sites), facilitating robust connectivity for reliable communication/collaboration, data transfer & backup, as well as fast-access to cloud-based applications.


Rapid data flow for machine learning: With Enterprises increasingly focused on leveraging the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning to gain competitive advantage, EXA supports these customers to collect and aggregate huge quantities of data, in order to create, train and deploy machine learning models. For example:

  • Helping Sports Betting companies to provide accurate pricing and maximise profitability
  • Ensuring that e-Commerce and Travel companies are making well-targeted recommendations, and optimised dynamic prices
  • Aiding Utility Companies with demand forecasting/simulations and anomaly detection
  • Facilitating risk-based pricing and underwriting assessments for Insurance Companies
  • Assisting Manufacturers and Food Processors with deployment of Industry 4.0 practices incorporating IOT, production optimisation and robotics
  • Enabling Professional Services Firms (e.g. Consulting) to leverage big data analytics to drive insights for their own clients


Ultra-low latency transactions: EXA also equips Oil & Gas Trading Desks and Sports Betting companies with a state-of-the-art, ultra-low latency fibre connectivity, facilitating lightning-fast oil trading (driving profitability) and betting executions for hedging and enabling high frequency betting.


Cost-effective and secure cloud: For Enterprises considering moving on-premise (or public cloud) workloads into their own private cloud: EXA offers high-grade colocation capabilities via our thirteen tier-3 data centres (supplemented by hundreds of PoP sites), supported by over 151,000km of reliable high-bandwidth DC-DC fibre connectivity.

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