Environmental Sustainability:
our commitment

As a global infrastructure provider we are constantly seeking to minimise our environmental footprint, for example, through reducing consumption and waste of materials, careful management of the sites where we operate and broad ambitions for improving the efficiency of our networks and reducing our carbon emissions.

As our customer’s need for bandwidth and scale expands, we believe it’s vital to keep the energy consumption of our colocation sites under strict control. That’s why we’ve made a conscious choice to join the EU’s Code of Conduct for Energy Efficiency in Data Centres.

This voluntary initiative seeks to expand the understanding of Data Centre energy demand, and help operators to increase energy efficiency, without hampering the mission critical function of their facilities. By following their best practice recommendations, we’ve been able to meet ambitious targets and maintain the highest standards of service.

We’ve also implemented a full set of measures to assist with the continuous monitoring and improvement of power usage across our network. Which includes:

  • Using clean energy resources wherever available
  • Re-investing in power infrastructures to ensure the most efficient and proficient equipment is always in place
  • Metering circuits to monitor efficiency
  • LED lighting replacement programs
  • BMS lighting schedules and occupancy sensors for lighting rows

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