Why choose EXA?

EXA is a dedicated digital infrastructure platform with the mission to become the undisputed leader in pan-European and trans-Atlantic data centre-to-data centre connectivity, enabling customers to provide the most compelling experience to their clients, employees and end-users.

Unparalleled network breadth

EXA boasts ownership and management of a truly Pan-European fibre backbone network. Our 127,000km+ fibre infrastructure connects 500+ points of presence, including our own 13 Tier 3-equivalent data centres, over 300 data centres and more than 25 financial exchanges, spanning over 300 cities in 34 countries. We own eight subsea cables, three of which are trans-Atlantic, and operate 18 cable landing stations (CLSs)

Investment & build capabilities

Having already spent $200m on upgrading and expanding its network in 2022, EXA has pledged a $500m investment over five years to continue this journey. By employing the latest fibre technology (G.652D) and leading 400G transmission technology, we look forward to catering to customers' bespoke networking needs with our engineering and building expertise

Unique assets

EXA offers customers unique capabilities, for example: ‘EXA Express’, EXA’s strategic transatlantic cable, offers unmatched low-latency transatlantic fibre connectivity, with latency between Slough and Seraucus available from as low as 59.0ms RTD; ‘Trans Adriatic Express’, EXA’s new low-latency route along the Trans Adriatic Pipeline, offers unmatched network reliability between Italy, Greece and Turkey

Complete network ownership

We manage 100% of our network, enabling us to offer highly competitive pricing and the same SLA. In the event of an outage, our 24/7 Network Operating Centre (NOC) can independently diagnose the problem and swiftly implement solutions. This means our customers always only deal with one single team and local field teams to ensure faster repair times.

Focus & expertise

Our attention is exclusively focused on our four primary products (infrastructure, transport, colocation, technical services), ensuring no distractions from IP or software products. This unique approach maintains a specialised product/service expertise throughout our organisation. With over two decades of experience in critical infrastructure development and currently serving over 1,000 customers, we are the ideal partner for any organisation aiming to access Europe.

High-calibre service delivery

We provide a deterministic ultra-high bandwidth, low latency service, with a network availability rate of 99.995%, backed by a dedicated and focused team of experts. This ensures you receive top-tier service and comprehensive account management and support throughout the lifecycle of your services

Commercial flexibility

We are flexible to your needs, offering a range of commercial structures (IRUs, leases etc.) and terms


Having won the Capacity Media’s ‘Best Pan European Wholesale 2022’ and Telecom Review’s ‘Best Fiber Infrastructure Deployment 2022’, EXA is a pioneer in the industry: Powering the digital economy, building the new information age, making growth effortless and scale sustainable for its customers.

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