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G652 is a specification for optical fiber cables. It is part of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU-T) G.652 series, which defines the characteristics and requirements for single-mode optical fibers used in telecommunications networks. 

This type of fiber is widely used in long-distance telecommunications networks, such as undersea cables and backbone networks, where high data transmission rates and low signal loss are required. It has become the most commonly deployed single-mode fiber worldwide. 

G652D is a specific variant of the G.652 standard for optical fiber cables. It is an enhanced version of standard single-mode fiber (G.652) that offers improved performance characteristics. The "D" in G652D stands for dispersion, which refers to the spreading of light pulses as they travel through the fiber. G652D fiber is designed to reduce dispersion and minimize the distortion of optical signals, allowing for longer transmission distances and higher data rates. 

G652D is one of the most commonly deployed optical fiber types in telecommunications networks worldwide. Its excellent transmission characteristics, low attenuation, and compatibility with various transmission technologies make it a reliable choice for long-distance data transmission and telecommunications applications.

G.655 fiber, also known as non-zero dispersion-shifted fiber (NZDSF), is designed to minimize the effects of chromatic dispersion. Chromatic dispersion is the spreading of optical signals as they travel through the fiber, leading to distortion and degradation of the transmitted data. G.655 fiber is commonly used in long-haul telecommunications networks, including undersea cables and long-distance backbone links. It allows for higher data transmission rates and longer reach without significant degradation of signal quality due to chromatic dispersion. 

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