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News Coverage

London to Paris’s new roundtrip takes just 5.5 milliseconds — as appetite for quality fibre grows

20 June 2022

A new fibre optic network link between London and Paris commissioned last month by EXA Infrastructure sends data on a roundtrip of just 5.5 milliseconds — take a breath, count “one Mississippii, two Mississippi” and your data would have flashed between the two capitals over 360 times; rather faster than the Eurostar.

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NPL, EXA, Others Turn Subsea Cable Infrastructure Into a Geophysical Sensor Array

23 May 2022

EXA Infrastructure has been helping out with an interesting research project under the North Atlantic.

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Subsea internet cables could help detect earthquakes

19 May 2022

The researchers said they had detected earthquakes and "ocean signals", such as waves and currents, using a 5,860km EXA Infrastructure optical-fibre link between Southport, Lancashire, and Halifax, Canada.

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Exa Infrastructure takes capacity for data centres on CrossChannel cable

17 May 2022

Exa Infrastructure, the private-equity owned company that last year took over GTT’s infrastructure division, has taken capacity on the CrossChannel cable to link data centres in the UK and France.

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Capturing new opportunities in the subsea market

12 May 2022

Steve Roberts, VP Strategic Investments at EXA Infrastructure, about the company’s latest projects and its strategic approach to unlocking new markets in the subsea space

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Exa Infrastructure welcomes Nicholas Collins as CCO

11 May 2022

In his new role, Collins will be responsible for leading all Exa's go-to-market domains.

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TAP, EXA Infrastructure to create JV to build new fibre route

04 May 2022

The JV will utilise a fibre optic cable already installed by TAP alongside the 878-kilometre gas pipeline, creating the only direct connection between south-east and western Europe to provide high-levels of redundancy over existing multi-stage alternative routes.

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