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The never normal

Companies can't avoid talking about the challenges of the enormous changes in our world. Futurist Peter Hinssen gave us some insight into his thoughts that the world has entered an age he called "the never normal."

EXA - Together WE Will

That’s truly possible when our people, customers and network come together for an exciting future.

EXA Géant Case Study
Case Study

GÉANT has been relying on EXA Infrastructure for part of its network since 2012 and has recently consolidated its trust in EXA to upgrade its European network capacity.

EXA Engineering Services
Fact Sheet

Our engineering services team has implemented over 1,100 network solutions for enterprise customers, carriers, and partners.

EXA 400G network
Fact Sheet

400-Gigabit (400G) wavelength services are the next frontier in optical network speeds.

EXA Corporate Brochure
Fact Sheet

Today’s hyperconnected reality is driving network requirements to new levels.

EXA network map
Fact Sheet

Our state-of-the-art network is built with leading optical technology.