Experts in infrastructure. Building connections.

Our network is the most expansive dedicated infrastructure network spanning Europe and the Atlantic, including 151,000 km of fibre network.


We are engineers. We are thinkers. We are builders. This is our story.

  • 2000 the network building starts in Europe and across the Atlantic
  • 2003 BARI Cable Landing Station opens for OTE
  • 2004 acquisition of CECOM Network in Czech Republic
  • 2005 network expands both in US and EU connecting new emerging business hubs: west – east – north and south. Janna Janna connecting Sardinia/Sicily to Italy via submarine cables  
  • 2006 Halifax-Boston-NY-Chicago-Montreal – the network grows in US
  • 2007 build to Warsaw
  • 2008 subsea cable from Malta lands in Sicily
  • 2009 build to Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria
  • 2010 project Kelvin expands the network in Northern Ireland
  • 2010 build to Istanbul
  • 2011 subsea cable from Tunisia lands in Sicily
  • 2012 Bezeq submarine cable lands in Bari
  • 2014 acquired Vtesse – adding more network in UK
  • 2015 EXA Infrastructure Express – the lowest latency connection between UK and US
  • 2018 build Sofia-Belgrade-Budapest
  • 2019 KPN acquisition adds more routes in UK and Netherlands
  • 2022 Further subsea and terrestrial fibre/duct investments in Italy, Greece, Bulgaria, Turkey, France and Spain

Our future is being built every day.

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