What’s in your ‘byte’?

(EXA Infrastructure Thanksgiving blog)


Thanksgiving is right around the corner, do you have enough ‘bytes’ to ensure your customers are satisfied? All joking aside, we can relate our suite of EXA Infrastructure products and services to the great spread of delicious, sometimes traditional, and the occasional new recipe from our holiday meal. Similar to the assortment on the Thanksgiving table, EXA can provide a variety of services to meet your customer’s needs, just like the demands of your hungry guests at the table. Bandwidth intensive clients, like hyperscalers, large enterprises and governments rely on providers like EXA to ensure their capacity needs are met. As you can imagine with those traditional recipes around the holidays, consistency is key and EXA is focused on providing just that.

We have recently announced our 400G wavelength capability across our networks in the US, Europe and across the Atlantic, which brings me back to those ‘bytes’. A ‘byte’ is comprised of 8 bits, or binary digits. With our new 400G capability we can now enable network speeds that move 400 billion ‘bits’ of information per second across a single optical wavelength channel. Not only does this provide 4 times the amount of capacity for our customers on a single interface, but it also reduces power consumption and utilizes less physical space. Although 400G is a relatively new technology, EXA is a distinguished provider amongst the competition with over 65% of our wavelength PoPs enabled in over 70 unique cities, which equates to over 10,000 different unique route combinations, not to mention 400G on the fastest Transatlantic route to date! So the traditional saying of ‘Go big or go home’, can now really become ‘Go big and go home’ 😊

Happy holidays everyone!

Erin Dempsey
Product Manager, Infrastructure at EXA
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