EXA Infrastructure advances network in Crete with second diverse submarine route, unveiling strategic investment and innovation


EXA Infrastructure, the largest dedicated digital infrastructure platform connecting Europe and North America, today announced the extension of its network in the Mediterranean, linking Crete with mainland Greece via a second diverse submarine route as part of its ongoing strategic investment to accelerate its customers growth.

EXA will add 550 kilometres of a new DWDM system on two dark fibre routes landing in Chania, Crete. These new extensions further enhance EXA’s network footprint by connecting Chania to both Athens and Preveza, the three emerging hotspots of connectivity, offering additional routing diversity options.

EXA’s value proposition further strengthens, leading industry investment and connectivity diversity in response to increasing internet traffic from new international subsea cable systems – including 11 new subsea cables currently announced to land on the island.

“The demand for reliable, high-capacity connectivity is driven by the growth of new subsea cables landing in Crete which will connect Europe with the high the growth Asia Pacific and African regions. Additionally, a number of data centre operators have announced builds on the island, which will position Crete as a neutral interconnect location for subsea cables,” said Steve Roberts, Vice President of Network Investments, EXA Infrastructure. “EXA is strategically positioned to capture a share of this growth by addressing the scaling challenges of existing networks and leveraging the success of Trans Adriatic Express and the Ionian Cable. We anticipate this investment to not only bolster our regional presence but also position EXA as the leading player in providing reliable and efficient connectivity solutions across the broader European landscape.”

Connecting Crete to its extensive backbone offers distinct routing options allowing customer traffic to connect seamlessly into Italy without having to land in Athens. Crete is fast becoming the most southerly alternative gateway into Europe, offering diversity from Palermo and Marseille.

EXA remains committed to advancing digital connectivity, and this expansion represents a significant milestone in achieving that mission. The network direct route to Athens with be ready for service in the first quarter of 2024 with phase two anticipated to be ready within the third quarter.

Earlier this month, EXA announced it further expanded its presence in Greece, now live in Lancom’s Balkan Gate data centre. Its strategic partnership aims to bolster connectivity and infrastructure services, establishing Greece as a critical link to internet exchanges in Europe.


About EXA Infrastructure 
Headquartered in London, EXA Infrastructure is a portfolio company of I Squared Capital and the largest dedicated digital infrastructure platform connecting Europe and North America and owns 142,000 kilometres of fibre network across 34 countries. EXA’s network connects 300 cities and offers 13Tier 3-equivalent data centres, with sub-sea routes that include three transatlantic cables, one the lowest latency link between Europe and North America. For more information, see exainfra.net 

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