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EXA Infrastructure owns and operates the most extensive dedicated infrastructure footprint connecting Europe and North America. Since launch in September 2021, EXA has worked tirelessly to expand its global presence in pursuit of its clear aim - to become the undisputed pan-European and transatlantic data centre to data centre connectivity provider.

EXA focusses on data centre to data centre interconnectivity, enabling core to edge data distribution and core to core connectivity across all major European data centre markets.

See here the DCs that have been added to our network in 2022
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Today’s hyperconnected reality is driving network requirements to new levels.

EXA G652.D network map
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G652D is a specific variant of the G.652 standard for optical fiber cables. It is an enhanced version of standard single-mode fiber (G.652) that offers improved performance characteristics.

Why EXA Dark Fibre?
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EXA Infrastructure operates one of Europe’s largest infrastructure footprints. With over 114,000 km of fibre network, including the most modern optical fibre, we can support our customer’s ever-increasing demands for growth.