EXA's robust and secure network backbone empowers the entire banking industry to deliver reliable and secure services in compliance with stringent regulations.

How EXA helps?

EXA's services provide the robust and secure network backbone vital for the full spectrum of the banking industry - encompassing investment banks, retail banks, corporate banks, and forward-thinking challenger banks. We ensure these financial institutions can deliver their services reliably and securely, in line with stringent banking regulations. Our extensive fibre network footprint, deploying bespoke and diverse high fibre-count routes and utilizing cutting-edge G.652D fibre allow the flexibility and security sustaining the ever-changing needs of this rapidly evolving industry. 

Facilitating robust and secure operations: EXA delivers ultra-high bandwidth, low-latency fibre backbone connectivity, and offers robust diverse private Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) networks, allowing Investment Banks, Retail Banks and Corporate Banks to securely inter-connect private core data centre sites and on-premise equipment with disaster recovery sites – facilitating seamless and resilient operations. EXA’s essential redundancy and network security helps our banking customers the meet the stringent requirements of banking regulators, ensuring business continuity and safeguarding customer data.

International expansion: As banks undergo global expansion, particularly digital-first Challenger Banks, EXA's extensive pan-European and transatlantic network supports this growth. Our DC-DC network provide a secure, high-capacity backbone that extends services internationally

Rapid data flows for machine learning: EXA's robust and agile DC-DC network infrastructure facilitates the backhauling and aggregation of big data, feeding machine learning models aimed at improving both customer experience and operational excellence. For Challenger Banks, our ultra-high bandwidth supports real-time categorisation of transactions and efficient facial recognition identity checks. Retail Banks and Corporate Banks also benefit from rapid decision-making - accurately spotting and preventing fraud and performing credit assessments

Ultra-low latency high frequency trading: EXA’s ultra-low latency fibre connectivity between 25+ key trading centres across Europe, East-Coast US, facilitates lightning-fast FX and fixed income trade executions, which are the lifeblood of Investment Bank Trading Desks. ‘EXA Express’ (EXA’s strategic transatlantic asset) offers unmatched low-latency transatlantic fibre connectivity, with latency between Slough and Secaucus available from as low as 59.0ms RTD.

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EXA is an award-winning fibre infrastructure operator and a trusted partner of a hundreds of trading firms, banks, trading technology and market data providers.

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