Cloud Service Providers

EXA Infrastructure's infrastructure empowers diverse cloud service providers, enabling efficient delivery of services.

How EXA Infrastructure helps?

EXA Infrastructure empowers an array of cloud service providers, from hyperscalers and GPU clouds to smaller private/public cloud providers, platform providers, and hosting companies. Our robust, reliable, and high-capacity network infrastructure is pivotal in helping these organizations deliver their broad spectrum of cloud-based services with efficiency and effectiveness assuring the best experience to their end users.

Bespoke network expansion & upgrades: EXA Infrastructure supports the ambitious global cloud development plans of hyperscalers and global cloud service providers. We engineer and deploy bespoke and diverse high fibre-count routes, utilizing cutting-edge G.652 fibre, to connect new facilities and facilitate the vast amounts of data traffic between data centres across Europe, North America, and transatlantic - sustaining the high-quality delivery of cloud services.

Enabling high quality service delivery, backup and recovery: EXA Infrastructure’s pan-European DC-DC network offers a reliable fibre 'backbone' infrastructure to local and regional cloud service providers, as well as managed hosting providers. This not only enables growth of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) platforms to meet challenging customer demand, but also ensures continuity of services. With redundant paths, we guarantee seamless operation in the face of localised disruptions. Additionally, we facilitate secure and efficient backup and recovery of customer data between cloud points-of-presence (POPs).

High-performance connection to the Edge: As cloud service providers transition towards becoming 'Edge cloud' providers, aiming to bring cloud services closer to the customer for reduced latency and improved performance, EXA Infrastructure’s DC-DC network forms the crucial backhaul to the core sites. We offer efficient distribution of workloads and data from core locations to edge locations, thus enabling faster processing and enhanced user experiences.

EU Sovereign Cloud: Location matters. Being the only true Pan-European fibre infrastructure operator, EXA Infrastructure is an ideal partner to cloud service providers aiming to build or enhance their EU Sovereign Cloud platforms. This facilitates cloud service providers ability to address customer privacy concerns and meet GDPR requirements.

Rapidly scaling cloud infrastructure: EXA Infrastructure offers high-grade colocation facilities for customers, enabling customers to deliver cloud services from both new core and edge cloud sites, extending their reach and improving service delivery.

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