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EXA Infrastructure's network drives the transformation to digital, HD content and cloud-based workflows.

How EXA Infrastructure helps?

Thanks to the extensive reach, capacity and low latency capabilities of its fibre network, EXA Infrastructure enables the evolving landscape of the media industry, encompassing traditional broadcasters, innovative streaming platforms, and advanced production/post-production studios. The EXA Infrastructure network support the transformation towards digital, high-definition content and cloud-based workflows.

Flawless live broadcasting: For traditional broadcasters and television networks, EXA Infrastructure provides ultra-high bandwidth and low-latency fibre connectivity for the real-time transmission of high-definition content across Europe and transatlantic. From live sports events and news broadcasts to television series and movies, EXA Infrastructure ensures flawless content delivery from distribution centres to broadcast satellite ground stations. The redundancy and resilience offered by EXA Infrastructure’s fibre network ensure that media companies can continue delivering high-quality services to their customers, even in the event of localised outages or disruptions.

Efficient content distribution: EXA Infrastructure’s infrastructure supports Over The Top (OTT) streaming platforms. With EXA Infrastructure's broad DC-DC fibre infrastructure, we empower these platforms (directly, or via CDNs) to efficiently distribute vast libraries of content from centralised DCs to edge DCs and cache locations globally. Our ultra-high capacity network handles the increasing demand for 4K, 8K, and VR streaming, maintaining a seamless viewing experience for users, so that our customers can focus on their core business.

Supporting AI/ML-driven decision making: As the media industry continues to embrace data-driven decision making, EXA Infrastructure supports the collection and analysis of massive quantities of data and the training of machine learning models. From understanding viewer preferences and behaviours to optimising advertising strategies, our robust network infrastructure enables media companies to leverage big data effectively.

Cost-effective cloud: EXA Infrastructure offers colocation facilities for customers to deliver critical compute to process workloads (e.g. video processing, post-production) and data storage (e.g. content libraries) in the core or at the edge, supported by over 151,000km of reliable high-bandwidth DC-DC fibre connectivity.

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