Software Service Providers (SaaS)

EXA Infrastructure's high-capacity network powers the dynamic SaaS ecosystem with reliability.

How EXA Infrastructure helps?

EXA Infrastructure underpins the growth and expansion of various Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) companies, ranging from sophisticated enterprise software systems (e.g. CRMs, ERPs, Collaboration Suites) to niche industry applications, big data analytics and artificial intelligence tools. Our robust, reliable, and high-capacity network forms the backbone that powers the dynamic SaaS ecosystem.

Unmatched application performance: EXA Infrastructure’s DC-DC network provides collaboration (e.g. enterprise productivity software, engineering and design software) and communication suites (e.g UCaaS / video conferencing platforms) with an ultra high-bandwidth and low-latency deterministic backbone which facilitates real-time global communication and collaboration; this ensures a high quality user / employee experience.

Rapid data flows for machine learning: SaaS companies continue to strengthen machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies to improve their offerings. EXA Infrastructure’s DC-DC network infrastructure plays a crucial role in backhauling critical training data to DCs where machine learning models are trained, and then distributing these models to the edge where users can leverage them in near ‘real-time’.

Seamless and ubiquitous user-experiences: EXA Infrastructure’s reliable connectivity between DCs, ensures seamless operations, swift data transfers, and enables simultaneous multi-user access to the cloud-based applications (e.g. ERP & CRM systems) from anywhere across the globe.

Resilient and secure private data centre access: EXA Infrastructure supports the business continuity plans of SaaS providers. Our network’s redundancy and resilience capabilities ensure that SaaS applications within private data centres remain available and reliable to end-users, even in the event of localised disruptions or outages and cyber attacks.

Cost-effective cloud: For software businesses considering moving on-premise (or public cloud) workloads into their own private cloud: EXA Infrastructure offers high-grade colocation capabilities, supported by over 151,000km of reliable high-bandwidth DC-DC fibre connectivity.

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