Data Centres Operators

EXA's robust and reliable network infrastructure serves as the backbone for high-speed data transfers in the digital economy.

How EXA helps?

EXA provides essential services for data centre operators striving to optimize their operations, expand their reach, and deliver top-tier services to their customers. Our robust and reliable network infrastructure serves as the backbone for data centres, supporting high-speed data transfers necessary in today's digital economy.

Facilitating carrier neutrality: Our expansive Pan-European and North America fibre network interconnects carrier-neutral data centres, allowing operators to maintain their neutrality and focus on delivering excellent data centre services to their customers. With high levels of diversity and availability, EXA’s DC-DC network ensures resilient connectivity that end-customers can trust.

Bespoke network expansion & upgrades: EXA supports the ambitious development plans of numerous data centre operators. We engineer and deploy bespoke and diverse high fibre-count routes, utilising cutting-edge G.652 fibre, to connect new facilities and facilitate the vast amounts of data traffic between data centres across Europe, East-Coast US, and transatlantic - sustaining the high-quality delivery of data centre services.

Addressing changing end-customer needs: As the needs of customers evolve, with increasing demand for edge computing, hybrid cloud strategies, and data sovereignty, data centres must adapt. EXA is a trusted partner in this evolution, collaborating with operators to design and build bespoke fibre routes into new facilities, ensuring resilient connectivity that end-customers can trust.

Enabling your value-added ‘fabric’ services: EXA's ultra-high bandwidth network enables data centres to offer advanced services such as software-defined networking (SDN), cloud direct-connect, and data centre interconnect (DCI). These services, bolstered by our reliable network infrastructure, provide data centres with a competitive edge and add value for their customers. EXA deploys diverse, high fibre-count (bulk fibre) routes, employing the latest G.652 fibre technology to deliver ultra-high bandwidth, low-latency connections between data centres.

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