In the dynamic financial market, EXA Infrastructure's secure and high-performing infrastructure ensures enhanced efficiency, seamless connectivity, and low-latency connections, empowering your organization to thrive.

How EXA Infrastructure helps?

EXA Infrastructure propels the critical operations of numerous trading firms including established banks to pioneering algorithmic traders, by offering low-latency network performance for real-time and automated trading. Our owned and operated network, including the legacy Hibernia fibre assets, spans 25+ key trading exchanges across Europe, East-Coast US and transatlantic.

‘EXA Infrastructure Express’ (EXA Infrastructure’s strategic transatlantic asset) offers unmatched low-latency transatlantic fibre connectivity, with latency between Slough and Secaucus available from as low as 59.0ms RTD.

Reliable ultra-low latency high frequency trading EXA Infrastructure equips High Frequency Trading (HFT) firms, Banking Trading Desks, Oil & Gas Trading Desks and Commodity Traders with a state-of-the-art, ultra-low latency fibre connectivity between 25+ on-net key trading centres, facilitating lightning-fast trade executions, which are the lifeblood of high frequency trading operations. Contrary to the occasional downtime when trading over RF networks, EXA Infrastructure’s fibre solutions offers HFT firms a secure and reliable backup, promising near-constant uptime. Our protected, diverse routing guarantees seamlessly trading amidst unforeseen disruptions.

Rapid market data feeds EXA Infrastructure facilitates Market Data Providers, Financial Exchanges, and Trading Software Solutions by providing ultra-high bandwidth, low-latency connectivity for massive volumes of market data transmission, ensuring top quality services for end-customer ‘traders’

Supporting AI/ML-driven trading algorithms Our ultra-high capacity network supports the transmission and aggregation of vast data sets, for developing machine learning models used in algorithmic trading, paving the way for innovative trading strategies.

Cost-effective and secure cloud EXA Infrastructure offers colocation facilities for customers to deliver critical compute and data storage in the core or at the edge, supported by over 151,000km of reliable high-bandwidth DC-DC fibre connectivity.

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Why EXA Infrastructure?

EXA Infrastructure is an award-winning fibre infrastructure operator and a trusted partner of a hundreds of trading firms, banks, trading technology and market data providers.

Find out more about our unique network, laser focused product offering and expertise, high-quality service and significant network build capabilities.


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EXA Infrastructure to provide network connectivity as London Stock Exchange relocates Data Centre

LSEG has moved its data centre from the City of London to a newly-built facility in London’s Docklands area. EXA Infrastructure is one of a handful of network connectivity providers with the Accredited Connectivity Partner status required to support connectivity to service subscribers on-site.