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EXA Infrastructure's reliable high-capacity network infrastructure fuels the research sector's digital revolution

How EXA Infrastructure helps?

Working globally with data intensive companies, we are aware that the future needs for low latency and high-capacity connectivity will be driven by technological advancements, the increasing volume of data generated and processed, and the demand for real-time interactions and insights. EXA Infrastructure is helping to drive the digital revolution in the Research and Education sector, encompassing a diversify set of global and local organizations. Our reliable, high-capacity DC-DC network fosters an advanced learning environment by facilitating seamless connectivity, enhancing collaborative efforts, underpinning data-driven decisions, and enabling AI/ML research capabilities.

Real-time research collaboration: EXA Infrastructure's high-capacity network infrastructure allows Universities and Research Institutions to share and collaborate on large-scale research projects. Our network supports the seamless transfer of massive research datasets between universities, enabling real-time collaboration and expediting the pace of groundbreaking research.

Accelerated machine learning: EXA Infrastructure empowers the adoption and use of AI/ML tools in Education and Research. Our robust network infrastructure plays a crucial role in handling the demanding data and computational requirements training and utilising AI/ML models. This aids Universities and Research Institutions in advancing research efforts, developing predictive models, uncovering insights from large data sets, and creating innovative educational technologies.

Reliable digital education services: EXA Infrastructure’s ultra high-bandwidth and low-latency deterministic DC-DC network backbone empowers EdTech providers to offer advanced services like cloud-based learning platforms, remote/virtual classrooms and adaptive learning applications – facilitating a high-quality, real-time experience for learners.

Cost-effective cloud: For Education Institutions considering moving on-premise (or public cloud) workloads into their own private cloud: EXA Infrastructure offers high-grade colocation capabilities, supported by over 151,000km of reliable high-bandwidth DC-DC fibre connectivity.

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