Empowering healthcare's digital transformation with EXA's secure, reliable fiber network backbone, enabling seamless flow of critical information and services.

How EXA helps?

EXA enables the digital transformation of the healthcare sector, encompassing public health institutions, private healthcare providers, pharmaceutical companies, and innovative HealthTech firms. Our secure, reliable, and high-capacity fibre network backbone ensures the seamless flow of critical information across interconnected data centre facilities, assuring connectivity for life-critical applications never fails.

High quality health service delivery: EXA offers ultra-high bandwidth backbone connectivity that allows for the secure and rapid transfer of critical, highly-confidential information (e.g. health records), enhancing collaboration between professionals and ensuring high quality digital service delivery.

Advanced HealthTech solutions: Our ultra-high bandwidth DC-DC network facilitates the secure transfer of large and highly confidential datasets, between research institutions and laboratories. but also feeding machine learning algorithms – facilitating expedited drug discovery and other advanced HealthTech solutions such as remote patient monitoring systems and telehealth platforms.

Low-latency remote surgery: EXA’s deterministic low-latency network design also supports healthcare organisations with exciting latency-sensitive applications such as remote surgery.

Cost-effective and secure cloud: For Healthcare businesses considering moving on-premise (or public cloud) workloads into their own private cloud: EXA offers high-grade colocation capabilities via our thirteen tier-3 data centres (supplemented by hundreds of PoP sites), supported by over 151,000km of reliable high-bandwidth DC-DC fibre connectivity.

Why EXA?

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