Government & Defence

EXA Infrastructure's secure network infrastructure empowers critical operations in public service delivery, national defense, and policy-making efforts.

How EXA Infrastructure helps?

EXA Infrastructure provides the robust, reliable, and secure network infrastructure required by government agencies, local authorities, and defence contractors. Our services underpin the complex and sensitive operations that drive public service delivery, national defence, and policy-making efforts.

Secure and reliable collaboration: EXA Infrastructure's DC-DC network infrastructure enables seamless and secure connectivity between government agencies, facilitating the efficient exchange of information, collaboration on projects, and the smooth functioning of interdepartmental operations. This helps to improve government services, streamline operations, and accelerate decision-making processes.

Delivering critical transmission services: In the defence sector, our high-capacity network backbone plays a critical role in enabling real-time communication and data transfer between sites. EXA Infrastructure engineers and build bespoke solutions to suit the highly-confidential / classified needs of customers.

Facilitating AI/ML-driven national security: EXA Infrastructure’s DC-DC network infrastructure is essential for facilitating artificial intelligence use-cases. With our ultra-high bandwidth services, we enable the transmission and analysis of large data sets, and aid the development and deployment of machine learning models crucial to Government agencies.

Cost-effective and secure cloud: For Government Agencies & Defence Contractors considering moving on-premise (or public cloud) workloads into their own private cloud: EXA Infrastructure offers high-grade colocation capabilities, supported by over 151,000km of reliable high-bandwidth DC-DC fibre connectivity.

Why EXA Infrastructure?

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